"Party Up" lyrics - Chase Rice

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"Party Up"
(Chase Rice/Blair Daly/Ross Copperman/Colt Ford)

We gonna melt some ice

We gonna roll the dice 

We gonna slip and slide into paradise 

We gonna grind some gears

We gonna ring some ears

We gonna drink some beers 

'Til they disappear 

Turn the party up 

Drink the good times down

Little buzz in a cup 

Will hit ya get ya space bound                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Sip a little whiskey come on baby kiss me 

Let me get a drip of your frisky gypsy 

And when ya hit ten bump it to eleven

Tonight we gonna fly with them 747's 

Get highhhhhhhhh hiiggghhhhh

Gonna kill another 6 pack just to watch it die

Turn the party up up up turn the party up up up

We gonna make it rain 

Gonna spit some game

Girl there aint no shame in the walk of fame

We gonna push our luck 

We gonna bump the truck 

A backseat's what's up ahhh 

Hey pretty girl tell me what you think

This country boy pour you a drink

Crank this party up and let's ride

Miles of moonlight by my side 

Old dirt roads go straight to heaven 

Forget tomorrow tonight were living 

Crank this party up to eleven 

Forget tomorrow tonight we

Written by Chase Rice on . Posted in Uncategorised