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    1. Watch the latest episode of #CR247 here.      
    2. CROWDS CLAMORING FOR NEW MUSIC FROM CHASE RICE FOLLOWING FIRST THREE SOLD-OUT “PUB SHOWS”   Hit singer/songwriter delivers new song, “If I’m Bein’ Honest,” direct to fans ahead of highly...
    3. Watch the latest episode of CR247 here.      
    4. New song. If I'm Bein' Honest. Raw & real as it gets for me.     
    Date Venue Location Tickets
    04/27/17 Georgia Theatre

    With: , Ryan Kinder

    Athens, GA United States
    04/28/17 Grayson Stadium

    With: , Ryan Kinder

    Savannah, GA United States
    04/29/17 Coachman Park Clearwater, FL United States
    05/04/17 Lawler Arena- Merrimack College

    With: , LoCash

    Merrimack, MA United States
    05/05/17 Upstate Concert Hall

    With: , Filmore

    Clifton Park, NY United States
    05/06/17 Aura

    With: , Filmore

    Portland, ME United States
    05/11/17 Iron City

    With: , Ryan Kinder

    Birmingham, AL United States
    05/12/17 Cone Denim Entertainment Center

    With: , Jameson Rodgers

    Greensboro, NC United States
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