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    2. New song. If I'm Bein' Honest. Raw & real as it gets for me.     
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    4. NASHVILLE, Tenn. – From the moment he first picked up a guitar and started writing songs, Chase Rice knew that live shows would be the keystone of his music career. Having studied the mastery of entertainers like Blink 182, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Eminem and...
    Date Venue Location Tickets
    03/25/17 Outlaws Saloon Columbus, GA United States
    03/30/17 The Loft (at Harem Lounge)

    With: , Bear Creek Brothers

    Lansing, MI United States
    03/31/17 Blue Moose Tap House

    With: , Cody Hicks

    Iowa City, IA United States
    04/01/17 Single Barrel

    With: , Emmett Bower Band

    Lincoln, NE United States
    04/06/17 Limelight Eventplex

    With: , Filmore

    Peoria, IL United States
    04/07/17 The Blue Note

    With: , Filmore

    Columbia, MO United States
    04/08/17 8 Seconds Saloon

    With: , Filmore

    Indianapolis, IN United States
    04/13/17 The National

    With: , Sam Riggs

    Richmond, VA United States

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